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Saturday April 27, 2019

Thousands of Athletes and their support crews ascended on The Woodlands, Tx

Way before the sun made its debut, there were anxious 

bodies pacing, stretching, preparing for what was to come.

Minds were wondering, eyes searching, voices cracking, hearts 

pounding & hands sweating as they tried to focus on the immense task ahead.

For some this was their first attempt at this distance, for other seasoned athletes another 

attempt at a PR and for an elite group the chance at grabbing the prize, a slot to the Ironman

 World Championships in Kona. The course was shared from young to old. Things like religion, 

politics, occupation were no longer defining. You raced the same course the pros raced.

Pushing harder yet trying to pace. trying to stick to your plan, trying to hear those words.

"You are an Ironman!"

You did the work. 

Hours upon hours of training, reading, asking questions.

Discovering new things, eating things you've never heard of, finding friendship in the insanity.

Swimming like a muskrat and then swimming like a dolphin.

Biking further than you've be willing to drive. 

Pretending to go to work to get the long run in.

You've learned new words, new science, all about aero and even used a crack pipe.

This is your story, through my lens, on race day.

The race is now, the journey forever.

-David Reynolds | Digital Knight Productions

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